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Stained Concrete in Raleigh, NC

Acid staining has been used for over 120 years.  It is a stunning technique that uses the chemistry of your existing concrete to react and create a one of a kind unique patina on the surface.  The life of your surface will determine the results.  Our products are a metallic salt compound that are formulated to react to the calcium carbonate and calcium hydroxide within the concrete and pores of the floor.  This old world look can transform worn and scuffed floors into attractive and artistic flooring solutions. 

We protect our acid stain surfaces with clear top coats to make clean up easy and to keep the color vibrant. It is popular to acid stain restaurants, show rooms, patios, porches, drive ways, kitchens, basements, and other floors.

We also offer a type of staining (dye) with our polished floors (Click here to learn more).

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