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Care and Maintaince 


  • Polished Concrete is a coating free system with the objective of providing a finished floor with little ongoing maintenance.

       The surface may initially have a slightly “waxy” appearance that will disappear after approximately 6 washes.


  • polished concrete although able to be walked on the next day, it should not be wet for 3 days.


  • The floor should be maintained on a regular basis by vacuuming and cleaning in the following mann A bucket of warm water, add recommended amount of “Tough Green” cleaner (or low ph cleaner) and mop floor with a microfiber mop. The floor should be damp for the shortest possible time. This will leave the floor clean and streak free. This simple cleaning should be carried out to keep the floor looking its best.



Concrete floors may be slippery, particularly when wet, please take care as no responsibility is accepted. Do not use any buffing type machine or product other than specified as any type of abrasive cleaner will dull the surface.




Low traffic areas/Residential

  • Depending on the surrounding environment these areas will require a burnish using a high speed burnisher with Red Nylon Pads only when deemed necessary.


High traffic areas/Commercial

  • Burnish on a regular basis with a high speed burnisher with Red Nylon Pads to maintain a high gloss and/or dust free surface.



Do not use Bleach or and Citrus Based Cleaners


Simple tips:

Fit protective pads to chairs & tables.

Castor legs should be fitted into castor cups.

Use a dry mop regularly.

Avoid direct heat from free standing heaters.

Spills should be cleaned up straight away to avoid penetration or damage.

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