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Polished Concrete in Raleigh, NC

Our favorite type of decorative finish hands down.  This type of surface is on the cutting edge in the design world; not simply for its beauty and versatility but also as a part of the green movement.  The cost-effectiveness and durability of polished concrete surpasses tile, vinyl, carpet, etc.  No harsh chemicals need to be used in sealing the finished floor or in cleaning it. This is a marriage of indestructability and beauty.    


This is a labor intensive process much like sanding wood flooring.  We work our way through different diamond grits which slowly polishes the concrete to the desired sheen level.  

Color and Polishing grit options​:

These floors can be a simple industrial finished floors, or they can be polished clear down to expose the large aggregate within the concrete, giving it the appearance of terrazzo.

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