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Our story: Crete Coatings had its beginning in the 80's as a preservation division of Tim Mahoney Construction (TMC), Inc.  It has always been a family company, and was run by the Mahoney Brothers in Utah.  Tim Mahoney grew the flatwork and technical division of the concrete company, while his brother (Mike) ran the preservation division until he made a name for himself in the wood turning world.​  In 2004 the coating company stayed in the family as the next generation (Colin Mahoney) took over the sealing division of TMC.  Over the 40+ years in concrete work, the company has worked on thousands of homes, and commercial properties.  It has grown a reputation that we are proud to have earned. Knowledge of the trade has been passed down through the generations of crafts men.  Artistry, good taste and attention to detail separates Crete Coatings from its competitors.        

Crete Coatings began serving clients in North Carolina in 2012. It is owned and operated by Colin Mahoney.

Environmentally friendly and Green services. Crete Coatings offers a line of coatings that are VOC free, as well as a waterless and chemical-free floor preparation options.  We have also been trained in concrete floor polishing techniques, which are on the cutting edge of the green design movement.  

Our commitment to service. Growing up in the company, I learned that Service and Satisfaction are the bread and butter.  Being a reputable member in a community is an honor I want the next generation to enjoy.  It is our policy to always be upfront about the "life expectancy" of our products, and to rectify any issue/s that arise due to a failure on the product's part or ours.

We’re part of the community. Crete Coatings will be participating in a "charity home" project that begins 2013 in the Triangle area.  We have also done garage coatings, driveways, patios, and borders for multiple parade home properties, in Utah county, Salt Lake and Park City.

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